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TelmatWeb products always occupy a strategic place in the corporate network, and in spite of their simplicities of administration and use, the flexibility of configuration of our products requires solid bases making it possible to guarantee an installation offering a safety and an optimal use.

Telmat Industrie proposes to you a whole of evolutionary formations enabling you to gain in competence on our products.

  • TelmatWeb Level 1: This module enables you to take in hand the products TelmatWeb and VPNBox and enables you to be autonomous at the time of your first installations. Duration: 2 days
  • TelmatWeb Level 2: This module enables you to acquire a thorough knowledge of the products TelmatWeb and VPNBox in their various possibilities of installation. Duration: 2 days
  • TwoX: This module enables you to acquire all competences for the configuration and the exploitation of the TwoX Groupware.

Contact us, to know our next training courses.

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