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Internet is today a vital tool in the everyday life of the company.
However the risks of security should not be underestimated.
The TelmatWeb products propose centralized solutions to you
allowing you to exploit all resources Internet in full safety !

  • The range of product TELMAWEB offers an integrated solution which effectively meets all the new requirements in communication and integrating all the most effective solutions security.
  • Products TELMATWEB answer all the requirements of security and all the functionalities necessary to the installation of a connection total or partial of the company to Internet network.
  • TELMATWEB is a material and software solution which federates in only one point all communications Internet and Intranet of the company. The fact of being an autonomous product of the remainder of your data-processing park ensures a stable level of performance.
  • TELMATWEB is connected on any type of access Internet, it is particularly adapted to various connections high-flows.
  • Products TELMAT WEB are marketed without limitation of the number of users.

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