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TelmatWeb products always occupy a strategic place in the protection of the corporate network. Just like there is new vrius which appears the every day, there are new attacks which are born and which are conveyed on Internet network. It is thus very important to maintain your up to date Telmat equipment.

All our equipment is delivered out of standards with one year of free update. You have two possibilities of update of your product:

  • The update “ Firewall and Services” including/understanding:
    • The updates Firewall
    • Updates of the Detector of Attack Pro-Acitve (DAPA)
    • Updates of the various services
    • The installation of the new functionalities included out of standard in our products
    • The access to the AntiSPAM base provided by Telmat.
    • The access to the base of filtering of the URL classified by category.
  • The update “Antivirus” (option)

You can prolong the update of your equipment by taking out for one or more years a subscription to the various updates available.

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