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TwoX groupware
TWOX is the ideal tool to organize the work of your company while proposing to centralize and share the whole of the means of communication and information available. TWOX is an integrated environment based on existing services out of standard on products TELMATWEB, like the Web server, the server of electronic mail, the server Ldap, the server bases data. More information [+]

Management multi-link/Multi FAI
To benefit simultaneously from the links high flows suggested by the operators general public and from the quality of operation of the professional operators. This functionalities makes it possible to compensate for the low flows in emission of links DSL. More information [+]

Control accesses Internet
All the range of product TELMATWEB integrates a service of management of list of sites prohibited by category in centralized mode. This base of data is accessible free for all the up to date products.
More information [+]

Remote Back up
Range TW of TELMATWEB has the possibility of backing up the data on a distant server by file sharing.

Preceding innovations
Supervision of the server
Server of Fax

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