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Groupware TwoX
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TWOX is the ideal tool to organize the work of your company while proposing to centralize and share the whole of the means of communication and information available. TWOX is an integrated environment based on existing services standard on products TELMATWEB, like the Web server, the Email server, the server Ldap, the database server.

The various functions suggested in TWOX are:
Webmail Manager of Tasks Base knowledge

Share calendar

Manager of Projects Forum
Share Address book Share documents Management of the bookmarks

A convivial access
Connection to TWOX is done either via a Web navigator, or via outlook, or a PDA. It is accessible in several languages (French, German, English, Spanish, ….)

Easy access information
In a glance, you have the list of the last arrived Emails, of the appointments of the day, the tasks in progress and the last innovations. You have also access to the calendar of the month, and a search engine multi headings.

A Secure Mail Server
With the Webmail function of TWOX, you do not need more to use your customer of Email so sensitive to the virus. TWOX, enables you to send, receive and manage the whole of your Emails in a protected way. That you are within your company or in displacement in the world, you have same information without any modification on the configuration of your workstation.

Your shareable Address book
TWOX places at your disposal an address book which can contain the whole of your contacts which they are common to all the company, shared between some collaborators or strictly personnal. This base of very complete information, enables you to follow your customers with up to date information.

Your shareable Calendar
With the function calendar of TWOX, you can manage with your own way your go, plan in-house meetings, see the planning and the availability of your collaborators and program repetitive meetings.
The visualization of your planning is done with your choice by sight over one day, one week or a month. Your go can be recalled to you by email.
You can also take and fix an appointment for one of your collaborators. At the time of the appointment management, the conflicts of planning are announced to you

Finished Post-It
The manager of tasks allows to memorize and follow the evolution of various daily tasks. You can manage your personal tasks and that of your working group.

Manage your Projects
With TWOX, you can manage your projects, which they personal or are carried out in group. You can assign one or more tasks to each participant and thus follow the evolution of the project. Each member is notified by email of the meetings of follow-up of the project.

Share your documents
You can store in groupware TWOX your documents so that they are accessible by your collaborators, or quite simply to be able to consult them remotely. The share of document is handled as simply as a traditional manager of file

Preserve your knowledge
TWOX proposes to you the management of a base of knowledge which can be created and shared according to the rights allocated by the manager. The base is structured in tree structure of repertories.

Collaborate on your Forums
To bring a dynamics to your company with forums TWOX. You can freely put your questions about an internal forum with your company, your collaborators will be able to bring their answers to you.

Share your bookmarks
Memorize, share and bring your comments to your preferred Internet sites and being of an interest at your company.

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