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VPN Box is a product especially designed to equip the small distant agencies while offering a level of safety equivalent to range TW. Its configuration is particularly adapted for the sites having ten users.

Functionalities :

  • Firewall functionalities: [+]
    • Advanced routing functions
    • Firewall “IP Stateful Inspection” type
    • Detector of Attack Pro-Active (DAPA)
  •  Active functionalities of safety:
    • Supervision and Internet access control [+]
    • Antivirus (option) [+]
    • Distant connections VPN IPSEC and/or PPTP [+]
    • Proxy Http/https/ftp/imap/pop/smtp [+]
    • Management multi-link/Multi FAI [+]
    • Management of the bandwidth (QoS) [+]
  •  Functionalities Server :
    • Server DNS [+]
    • Server DHCP [+]
  • Configuration and Administration of the product [+]
    • By navigator Web in mode SSL
    • By SSH or telnet

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